9/3 Update from Crossroads Resolution Group

IMPORTANT: Please scroll down to read the most recent (8/1) update from Crossroads Resolution Group. And, in case you missed them before, here are links to previous updates related to the peacemaking work they are assisting us with - // 3/27 Update // 4/3 Update // 6/4 Update // 6/24 Update // 8/1 Update //


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We want to provide a status update on the mediations in which your leaders and members are engaging.  We realize that the scheduling of these mediations, in light of working with everyone’s schedules and the restrictions and impact of CoVid 19, has caused this work to take longer than anyone has hoped.

 All of the parties continue to seek God’s direction in these matters, and to pursue reconciliation and resolution of issues and concerns.  We are thankful for the commitment and efforts of all.

 As of August 25, we have completed numerous mediations involving the Elders, School board members, and some additional individuals.  Progress is being made with reconciliation occurring and discussion of concerns and issues.  There are a few remaining mediations that are being scheduled for completion in the next several weeks.  All are seeking to complete these as soon as possible.  The parties do plan to provide a joint report of the results upon completion, to the church and school communities.

 The Elders and School Board members, in advance of a more complete report after completion of the additional mediations referenced above, have asked that we let all know that the Elders and School board members, have individually and collectively acknowledged that they value the School and support the continuation of this important disciple-making ministry.  The Elders and School Board will be working together to develop a detailed long-term plan for the operation of the school.  One of the goals of this process will be for church and school leaders to present a plan regarding the school’s future to the congregation as they complete this work.


David Schlachter

Roger Duerksen