Pursuing Peace Together Seminar

Update from Church Elders & School Board:

We are writing you to give you an update of the efforts we have been making to address concerns and issues of disagreement, misunderstanding, and offense, that have existed between our leaders and individuals within the church and school community.  We have determined, with everyone’s agreement, to ask a third-party conciliator to assist all of us as we seek resolution of disagreements and important decisions, with the goal of also being reconciled as Christ’s disciples.

We know that the presence of general knowledge or awareness of strained and broken relationships tempts all of us to want more information.  Where it does not exist, we add our own answers based on assumptions.  The disagreements, misunderstandings, and offenses between individuals are serious and significant to those directly involved, making assistance important.  We want you to know and be assured, however, none of the issues involve any person or persons engaging in any type of nefarious conduct or experiencing any moral failure.  Please do not speculate on such matters or share speculations with other people. 

We appreciate all of your prayers for each of us as we seek to be obedient to God’s call in how we address the issues we need to discuss and resolve.  The organization we have asked to help us is Crossroads Resolution Group, LLC, specifically David Schlachter & Roger Duerksen.  Please visit the Pursuing Peace Together page on the church website, to read a communication from them about the process they are leading and suggestions for each of us as we navigate this time of resolution and reconciliation.

LINK: Important Communication from Crossroads Resolution Group


Faith Church Elders

Faith Christian School Board