An Important & Encouraging Report

We all would like to share a brief, but encouraging, summary from mediation meetings that were held this past week.  As you may know, we have spent the last several weeks going through Peacemaking preparation work, as well as receiving coaching from our conciliators, in order to prepare our hearts to meet.  That process and this past week’s meetings have been hard work but it is now bearing fruit.

God was clearly at work during our three days of intense meetings and we are thankful to report that our time together was positive. With God, through His Spirit, helping us to make confessions, ask for and grant forgiveness to one another, the reconciliation process has begun and we are hopeful about what is ahead as these efforts continue.

We want to encourage all who are working through the Peacemakers homework and devotions to continue to work diligently through it. We still have a lot of work to do! For others, we ask that you continue to pray.  

We desire for everyone to experience the joy that comes from reconciling relationships that have been strained.  We encourage you, if you haven’t already, to watch the Pursuing Peace Together seminar videos posted on the church website to learn more about how you can work to achieve and maintain a bond of peace in all your relationships.

Your brothers in Christ,
John Stein
Louie Kazemier
Derek Olson
Mikeal Davis