Pursuing Peace Together Seminar Videos

LINK: Seminar Introduction & Overview Page

LINK: How to Get a Participant Guide


Audio Recording of 4/4/20 Introductory Zoom Call:

CLICK HERE to Listen     /    Documents Presented during the call



April 13/14 Zoom Q & A - Please view this link to hear the Q & A session with CRG regarding the 1st Seminar session.  The recording is about 40 minutes in length.


Video Recording of 4/20 & 4/21 Zoom Call Q&A sessions:

  • Live Zoom Call Q & A sessions were offered twice (about 40 min each) and the content varied a bit so we are posting BOTH recordings below.
  • April 20th Q&A - Access Password: 6w^$0V70
  • April 21st Q&A - Access Password: 0c=@=&Uz