Weekly Update! 7/14

THIS SUNDAY AT 10:15AM - We're glad you're with us as we continue our series in God’s Word, “James: A Transforming Faith”. This letter was written by James, the brother of Jesus, to encourage and challenge the believer toward a transforming faith. This Sunday, we will be in James chapter 3 as we learn about the tongue.

SUNDAY AUGUST 7TH TIME CHANGE - WORSHIP GATHERING @ 9:00 AM! - The "ONE" Worship Gathering has been rescheduled! Please plan to join us here at Faith Church on Sunday, August 7th, as we gather for worship at 9:00am. Then, we encourage you to consider attending "ONE", a community-wide worship gathering being held at the Dallas High School football field. This is an opportunity to unite in worshiping Jesus alongside believers from other Dallas area churches. There will be coffee/fellowship time at 10:30am and the Worship Gathering begins at 11:00am.

PICNIC AND BAPTISM AUGUST 21ST - Our annual picnic and baptism in the park is coming up soon! Everyone is invited to join us at the Dallas City Park directly following the Worship Gathering on August 21st. We are going to provide a picnic and a fun dessert! Then, we have a blast baptizing followers of Jesus in the Rickreall Creek. If you would like to be baptized and feel the Spirit’s prompting, we would love to have a conversation with you! Meet with a staff member or pastor anytime, or email us at info@faithchurchdallas.org. We will also have a "Baptism info Meeting" on August 14th in the back of the worship center for any who are interested.

BLOOD DRIVE - Once every other month, we open up our campus to the Red Cross for a blood drive. Our next one is July 22nd in the Community Center from 12:30-5:30PM. If you are interested in donating blood please contact Barb Barlow for an appointment at 503-881-2292.

PASTOR DEREK IS ON SABBATICAL - As Pastor Derek is away on sabbatical this summer, please continue praying for him as he engages in God's Word and enjoys an extended time of rest. This is a grace-gift for Derek and his family from our whole church family, as we believe in caring well for those who lead and serve us. We are excited for God’s ongoing work in and through the Faith Church family! In case you missed Derek's pre-sabbatical comments on Sunday, May 15th, check out THIS LINK to hear what he had to say.

GIVING- You can give to Faith Church three different ways! Through our Church Center App, In person on Sunday mornings, or text any amount to 84321.


CONGREGATIONAL MEETING SUMMARY - For those of you who were not able to attend our congregational meeting on July 10th, here is a brief overview of what took place:

Minutes from the May29th Congregational meeting were approved.  If you would like a copy of these, please contact the church office.

Updates on our renter. After having communicated that we were considering selling the rental, our tenant began looking into other potential housing options. The timing worked out so that she was able to move in to a home owned by her parents, which actually might be a better fit for her and her kids. She had notified us of her intention a few weeks ago, and as of last week was completely moved out. Marty & Mikeal met with her to do a walk-through and get keys. As we have previously communicated, she is going through some very challenging circumstances, and while she is no longer a tenant of ours, we have continued to attempt building a relationship in order to possibly be a resource to her in the future. Finally, since she made the decision to move, we would not be required by law to provide funds to help with relocation costs; however per our last congregational meeting we communicated to her our desire to practice generosity by giving her $3,000 (in addition to all her deposits) which works out to be a little over 3 months’ worth of rent.

Updates on needed facilities repairs / maintenance. In order to help everyone understand the scope of work (and associated costs) that is needed, we reviewed a list of items we have identified:

Roofing.  We have obtained bids for all the roofs that are in need of repair (except the flat roofs).  These total approximately $85,000; with the addition of the flat roofs (and any repairs we might discover that need to be made) this could total $100,000. Of course, we can save ourselves money by doing some of this work ourselves. The elders made the decision to move forward with two of the roofs that are more complex and bigger jobs (also higher risk) as we were notified that due to inflation the quoted prices would be increasing soon. The roof over the worship center is one of those and is almost complete, the roof over the children’s wing is the other and work will be starting soon. A few of the other roofs are much smaller or simpler if we have people available.

HVAC. We got a bid on replacing AC (not the furnaces) in the Community Center last year, with inflation we expect this would now be $32,000 - $35,000. To do all AC & furnaces would be a little over $50,000. We are looking into the lifespan of AC & furnaces for the worship center.

Siding. Some of our buildings have sections of siding which may need to be repaired.  Where possible, we have people attempting to patch holes. Most of the siding is overdue for pressure washing, caulking, and repainting.

There are numerous other minor repairs needed on our buildings. In addition to needing volunteers to help with these projects, we still need someone with administration skills to oversee a facilities team. Basically, this is someone who can serve as a volunteer coordinator, which likely would involve lots of organizing of projects and people to work on them, as well as communication back and forth with people.

Elder recommendation on rental property.  In light of the scope of all the work needed for our campus, the elders recommended selling the rental property. After discussion, which included modifying the motion to include a “first right of opportunity” (i.e. whoever buys the property would give us the first chance to re-purchase if they decided to sell in the future) as well as sprucing up the property before selling, this recommendation passed by a vote of 54-1.

Ideas for acreage. By way of review, the acreage behind the church was purchased years ago and was part of a vision for the school ministry, which we no longer have. Given the change in ministry focus, leadership will likely be bringing forward a recommendation to sell the acreage. We are currently exploring ideas for how to maximize the value we could get for this property, as well as what future needs we might have and constraints we need to work within (e.g. what is involved in a lot-line adjustment, which would allow some of the property to be retained with the church property that could be used for future needs).

Updates on previously discussed by-law change: The elders are working on the draft of changes to move our Annual Meeting from the start of the year to the end of the year. This basically involves a couple minor changes to two areas of our by-laws, and is a fairly simple process. However, we also discovered that the Annual Meeting is referenced with in our Constitution; and changes to the Constitution can only be made during the Annual Meeting. So even after we update the by-laws, it looks like we will need to have one more Annual Meeting at the start of the year to complete this change.

There was no other business and the meeting closed in prayer.


June 2022:
Budgeted: $42,276.50
Received: $34,603.49
Expenses: $34,662.49
2022 Year-to-Date:
Budgeted: $253,659.00
Received: $202,242.50
Expenses: $230,864.60

Blessings and love upon each and every one of you!