Please Wear a Mask during Sunday Worship Gatherings

Dear Church family,

On August 15th, we resumed wearing masks while indoors for our Sunday worship gatherings.

State of Oregon government and health officials announced this week that masks are now again required in all indoor spaces regardless of one's vaccination status. However, as of now, we can still continue to gather together in person for worship! We are thankful for that and want to do our part to keep it that way.

The Covid pandemic continues to be a serious, multi-faceted public health issue. In the midst of different opinions on these matters, let's do all we can to maintain unity in our church family, striving to show love, care, kindness, understanding and respect to those who come to different conclusions than we do.

Faith Church leaders ask for your cooperation with this reinstated mask mandate. This demonstrates respect for our governing authorities, love for others (especially the vulnerable among us), and our desire to help keep schools and businesses open as well as help reduce the load on overwhelmed hospitals and tired health care workers.

We desire to keep our focus on what is most important, what God has given us to do. Faith Church exists to help people be followers of Jesus who love God, love others and help others meet and follow Jesus! And there are many in our community (including in our church family) who have tested positive and experienced illness. Therefore, it is our desire to do whatever we can to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and its variants so that we can continue to gather together in person for worship on Sundays!

We love you, church family. Thank you in advance for your understanding, support and prayers! And thank you for serving Jesus by loving others!

With love in Christ,

Pastor Derek and the rest of the elders and staff