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Heart of Christ - Week #4 Resources

"The Heart of Christ" Teaching Series - Week #4 Resources


FREE BOOK! We are handing out free copies of Dane Ortlund's book, Gentle & Lowly. Pick one up at church on Sunday OR come to the church (any time) and grab a copy from the plastic bin outside the main doors (under the carport).

If you got a copy of the book, we encourage you to read chapter 8 & 9 this week. And in personal or individual study times, you can reflect on and/or discuss the questions below.


Resources for further encouragement and study:

  • BIBLE READING PLAN: If you use the YouVersion Bible app by Life.Church, you might want to look for the "Gentle & Lowly" 14-day devotional.
  • PODCAST: Search for "Gentle and Lowly" on your favorite podcast app.
  • MORE resources ideas coming soon! 


Reflection / Discussion Questions (adapted from Gentle & Lowly study guide):

  1. Do you think much about what Jesus is doing right now? Has the reality of His intercession been a part of your regular reflection and discipleship?
  2. What is the connection between Christ's intercession and Christ's heart?
  3. What does it mean that Jesus intercedes for us? How does that calm and reassure you right now?