Pastor Ed's Retirement

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Dear Faith Church Family,

On May 8th, Pastor Ed announced that as of September 30, 2022, he will be retiring from serving in his staff role as Associate Pastor here at Faith Church.

On behalf of the Faith Church family, Pastor Derek thanked Ed for his many years of ministry to our church family. In addition, he expressed his personal thankfulness for Ed’s friendship and partnership in ministry these past five years.

The Faith Church family is also thankful that we get to enjoy serving alongside Pastor Ed for a few more months! And please mark your calendars. We will gather together on September 25, 2022 for a great Faith Church party, celebrating and thanking Ed and his wife, Connie.

From Pastor Ed: “Thank you, Church Family. Come July 1st, I will have completed 38 years in pastoral ministry all here at Faith Church. To you and to those folks and staff members that have come and gone, thank you. Connie's and my longevity in one place speaks to the love and respect you afforded us. Thank you for your spiritual, emotional and financial support making these years possible. Connie and I love you.

“Thank you, God. You are gracious in directing our steps by opening and closing doors. I resisted ministry and returning to Dallas. However, You directed our steps and now I can truly say Connie and I have been blessed. God, we have been honored that you chose us for this community and church family. While our role will change, may You continue to do your work in and through us.”

Questions you may have:

What factors led to Pastor Ed’s retirement timing? From Pastor Ed: “For many reasons. Primarily the heart is willing, but the flesh is weak. I’m finding myself physically slowing down and need the freedom to adjust my pace. Secondarily, I told many during pastoral transition, I felt my last assignment was to help the new pastor get established. I think that has been accomplished. Thirdly, I know my wife is adventurous and I want to bless her with some freedom to go and explore.”

Will Pastor Ed & Connie stay at Faith Church? From Pastor Ed: “Connie and I expect to continue to make Faith Church our home into the future. We will take time away to decompress from the role of pastoral ministry with the intention of returning. However, having never walked this road, we will see what unfolds.”

Will the church be hiring a new Associate Pastor? We are not planning to hire a new Associate Pastor at this time. However, our ministry staff will continue to care for and serve us well.