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Matt Ceiplis: Our Candidate for Worship Pastor!

After months of prayerful dedication and diligent work, our search team made a unanimous recommendation and the Faith Church leadership team (our elders) recently affirmed that recommendation. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our…

Candidate for Worship Pastor

Matt Ceiplis


Matt and his wife, Lynsey


“Worship is recognizing the greatness of God and responding in kind with our complete dedication, service and devotion of all that we are.” – Matt Ceiplis

Personal:        Married Lynsey in 2014


  • Assistant Worship Leader, Dayspring Fellowship (Keizer, OR)
  • Lead of Technology, Worship Northwest.
  • Worship & Youth Pastor, North Shore Bible Church (Manson, WA)
  • Worship Ministry Intern, Dayspring Fellowship (Keizer, OR)

Education:      B.A. Worship Arts / Corban University (nearly complete)


IMPORTANT DATES: Get to know Matt & Lynsey!

September 9th – Matt & Lynsey will join us for worship and Pastor Derek’s ordination at 10:30am.

September 16th – Matt & Lynsey will be introduced during both morning worship gatherings.

TBA – A couple mid-week gatherings will be scheduled to give you an opportunity to meet and interact with Matt.

September 23rd – Matt will lead worship through music during both morning worship gatherings and then Faith Church members will vote in regard to the search team & elders' recommendation.


What People Have to Say about Matt:


Comments from search team members:

Pastor Derek Olson (Faith Church search team):

“As a search team, we prioritized getting a great human being and devoted follower of Jesus first. Not only did God help us accomplish that, but our church family will also be blessed by Matt’s strong musical abilities and background. What spoke loudly to me and the rest of the search team was that while God was consistently pointing our search toward Matt, He was also clearly guiding Matt & Lynsey toward Faith Church! For many reasons, I believe that God is calling Matt to be our worship pastor and I am looking forward to having him join our staff team. Therefore, I would ask you, church family, to vote your affirmation of the search team’s recommendation because I am excited to see how God works in and through Matt and Lynsey as they join in what God is doing here at Faith Church!”

Hal Spence (Faith Church elder & search team member):

“From the beginning [of the search process], Matt stood out to me. After narrowing the field down, then actually meeting with Matt and Lynsey, Matt seemed to me to be our guy.  Matt is the one I can envision being part of our church family and leading us in worship. After communicating with Matt’s references, it was solidified in my mind… this looks like the young man God has chosen for us to be our lead worshiper! It also helps that he plays a Martin guitar! J  I think you will all be pleased with who God has for us!"

Lori Schilling (Faith Church member and member of search team):

“As I think about Matt, there are two things that come immediately to mind:

  1. Matt has a heart for worship.  He loves the Lord wholeheartedly and wants to serve him by leading people into His presence through worship.  Over and over again this was confirmed through conversations with Matt and reference checks.   
  2. Matt made a comment to our search team at the beginning of this process that has stuck in my mind ever since.  His comment was about his desire to interact with a church family, get to know them, live life with them, go through struggles and victories with them because it helps him lead worship in a more powerful way when he knows how God is working in people’s lives.  

I believe this is powerful because it demonstrates Matt's shepherding heart and desire for meaningful worship in a church body.  There is a difference between singing church songs, and worshipping in a way that gives glory and honor to our mighty Savior.  

As I have prayed, discussed, thought and asked the Lord for guidance, I believe He is leading our church to Matt and I wholeheartedly support him as our candidate for Worship Pastor.”

Nanci Friesen (Faith Church member and member of search team):

"In the very beginning as we began to look at applications my heart was drawn to matt because of his story. He seemed as if he had a depth in him that was there due to life experiences. I was also drawn to his sample worship video. Of all the applicants I just thought we should just go straight into the process with Matt. From the very start, Matt was my first choice. But realizing we needed to go through the process in an orderly fashion I tried to be open but always was drawn back to Matt. His heart seemed tender to what the Lord would have for him and his wife. As we face timed him I enjoyed sensing his heart and hearing more from him and his desire to connect with people. We then moved into checking references and those we called, loved Matt, his team attitude, listening ear and a willingness to lead. It was said, he gave 110% that he would be chosen to be on the team, a first pick.

While no one is perfect, I do believe Matt is following the leading of the Lord and I believe he is growing, learning and God is at work in his life to do His will. May we all continue to grow in Christ, to learn from one another and may Christ be Lord of all, as we seek to follow Him."

Christy Richert (Faith Church search team member): 

“From what we have seen and learned about Matt, he is a man of impeccable character, integrity, and heart. He has a heart that is deeply in love with his King. He is passionately in love with his wife and speaks highly of her. He seeks out others and desires relationship. He is patient and kind, and has a gentle, guiding spirit. His love for Jesus overflows into every aspect of his life.” 

Pastor Aaron Swank (Faith Church search team member):

"I saw Matt’s heart and passion for God as he led the search team in worship. He undoubtedly loves God and has a heart for leading others in the worship of God."

Comments from other references:

Craig Rayment (Senior Pastor - North Shore Bible Church):

“As a pastor who worked with Matt, I found him to be one of the nicest and easy to get along with individuals I’ve ever met.  Matt is creative, self-motivated, and has a maturity about him that reflects a genuine love for the Lord.  Matt is someone I was delighted to work with and happy to know.  I highly recommend Matt to your staff and to your church family.  He and his wife Lyndsey will be an addition you will treasure.”

Kirstie Swenson (worship team with/under Matt):

“I think Matt Ceiplis is one of the most genuine, virtuous, and God-loving people I know. He has a passion for serving others and, I believe, would serve your church in so many ways. When it comes to being a worship pastor, Matt has always strived to shepherd and help others grow. It’s not just about the music for him. He wants to see people have real encounters with Jesus.”

Timothy Schierling (friend & former Faith Church attender):

“I met Matt about 6 or 7 years ago while he was still single. At that time he was serving on the worship team and youth ministries at Dayspring Fellowship in Keizer OR. Over the years I have served in ministry, partnered in small groups, and grown in friendship with Matt (and his wife Lynsey). Matt and Lynsey are good friends of ours. We have watched them navigate dating, engagement, marriage, and fostering. They have made hard decisions through this time and always they have decided together and with council from Godly leadership. If you get the chance to worship with Matt you will notice that he is one of the most humble worship leaders I have worshiped with. He is not flashy or overpowering. He is a servant leader.”

Jeffery Chambers (Associate Area Director, Tri Cities Younglife):

“I am writing this letter in reference to Matthew Ceiplis, and his position as Worship Pastor. I worked with Matthew in Chelan and he was such a great person to work with. I loved his passion whether as a Youth Pastor and working with the youth within the Valley or leading from the front as a Worship Leader. Matthew, was always willing to listen and lead through taking time to listen to issues and walk through them with you. As a leader, Matthew was so open to listen and have great discernment when it came to working through ministry ideas. I have witness him lead his church skillfully from the front as the Worship Pastor at Northshore Church in Manson, not only does he have a gift of music, he has the gift to lead people. During our time of working with the youth in the Valley in the Youth, Matthew was such a great team player and was always there supporting and leading. I’m so excited to see Matthew, in this new role. Praying for his stewardship of the ministry and to have health relationships with his new church family.”

Nathan Daniels (Pastor and Mentor):

“Matt Ceiplis remains one of the most authentic and selfless men of God I know. He is a young man whose life has been touched by the grace of God. One who extends that same grace and generosity in the lives of those he serves alongside and ministers too. Matt is a faithful and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. He is a leader who doesn’t seek to draw attention to Himself, but rather to glorify the Lord with everything he has been given. In Matt you have the very best, a humble and faithful leader who loves the Lord and loves His people.”

Duane Wagner (Leader/Mentor at Dayspring, part of the worship team):

“I’ve known Matt Ceiplis for almost six years.  In that time period I’ve served with Matt at Dayspring Fellowship and traveled abroad with him to Argentina.  If you are looking for a smart, talented, young man of God, then Matt is the perfect candidate.  While serving with Matt, I’ve observed him to be caring, technically savvy and a problem solver.  His heart for God is evident in all that he does.  Matt communicates well and has always been open to constructive feedback while growing in his ministry, his craft and his walk with the Lord. Matt would be an asset to your church, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.” 

Christian Bohuslavizki (Friend):

“My name is Christian Bohuslavizki and I have known Matthew for two years, and I must say that I have been blessed to be his friend. There are only a few things you need to know when it comes to considering Matt for your worship pastor position. The first is his abilities, and if you have ever heard him lead, you are already well informed of his ability to sing and to play guitar. Not only does he have the ability to play, but he has the ability to lead a team well.

The second thing that you should be aware of is his incredible humility. My wife and I always appreciated when Matt led worship at our last church. The reason being is that despite all of his talent and skill, he somehow manages to draw no attention to himself. We live in a culture where worship is becoming a show, a performance, and in extreme cases a manipulation of emotions. Yet, Matt has denied the super star model so that people can look past him, and worship the Lord alone.  As someone who truly loves worship and what it represents, Matt’s humility should be the standard of all worship pastors. 

A third thing to be aware of is that Matt is a true worshiper of the Lord. While Matt leads worship, he himself is worshipping with the congregation.  His desire is to give God the glory alone, and that desire does not cease when He is working. Many worship leaders get side tracked with making a performance so that the listeners will enjoy the experience, but Matt is only seeking to embrace the presence of our God.

Finally, Matt is committed to making disciples. Being one of his closest friends, he and I have had many opportunities to converse about what the true mission of the church is.  With that being said, I have the utmost confidence that Matt’s heart is aligned with Christ. He is deeply committed to pursuing the lost, and raising up true believers who will share their faith with the world.  

Matthew and Lynsey are a one of a kind pair.  They are deeply committed to Christ, their marriage, and the Church. You would be very blessed to have them join your team.  Feel free to contact me at any point for further questions. God Bless and I am praying with you as you discern together.”