Weekly Update! (3/7)

THIS SUNDAY AT 10:15am- We are excited for you to join us ONLINE or IN PERSON this Sunday, March 7th, at 10:15am. We are concluding our three-part series, titled, "Cut to the Heart." In this unique season we want to harness it for spiritual gains.  That through hardships we grow best.  As the early church faced their challenges with an understanding that Jesus Christ is God and alive, "they were cut to the heart,"  (Acts 2:37)  We are inviting God to use this unique season to unleash God's Word in us cutting to the heart, so that as a Master Surgeon, it is done so we can be healed. When you check in on the church center app, be sure to select IN PERSON or ONLINE, depending on where you are joining us from.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THIS SUNDAY’S CONGREGATIONAL MEETING- After careful consideration, the elders have decided to make the following changes regarding upcoming meetings:

- The March 7th congregational meeting is being rescheduled to March 14th.  

- In its place, this Sunday, March 7th, at 1:00pm the elders will hold an informational meeting.  During this time, the elders will be making a presentation of their recommendation for the future of the church and school relationship.

- This will be followed by a time of corporate prayer.

- This decision was made in order to facilitate the elders and the congregation working together to seek and confirm God’s will for our future.

If you are registered for onsite or on-line you do NOT need to re-register.

PALM SUNDAY BAPTISMS- We are doing a Palm Sunday baptism on March 28th! If you, someone you know, or someone in your family is interested in getting baptized, please contact the church office (info@faithchurchdallas.org) or any staff member. To learn more about baptism and why it is important, please read more here!

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS & CLOSURES- Our office will be closed to the public until further notice. If you have questions or a need, please contact us via phone, 503-623-8034, or email, info@faithchurchdallas.org.


February 2021:
Budgeted: $47,963.17
Received: $35,116.42
Expenses: $46,985.49

2021 Year-to-Date:
Budgeted: $95,926.34
Received: $76,044.73

Expenses: $88,171.57