Weekly Update! (3/14)

THIS SUNDAY AT 10:15am– We are excited for you to join us ONLINE or IN PERSON this Sunday at 10:15am. We are continuing in our new teaching series through Ephesians, titled, "Walk Worthy." We are learning truths related to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and discovering practical teachings on how to live a life worthy of that life-changing Good News. This Sunday's sermon is titled, "Dead or Alive" We will be in Ephesians 2:1-7. When you check in on the church center app, be sure to select IN PERSON or ONLINE, depending on where you are joining us from.

ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING- Due to the interest in our FEFC meeting this upcoming Sunday, we are seeing registration numbers exceeding Covid recommendations.

-If you’ve signed up via Zoom, you will receive a link as indicated.

-If you’ve signed up in person, please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate all of those registrations. 

Because this is a congregational meeting that requires us to do church business, in-person attendance priority will be given first to our active church members.  We do not foresee this affecting a huge number of people, but we want you to be aware that a few changes will occur.  

-If we need to move your in-person registration to Zoom, you will receive an email indicating such by Saturday - 8 pm. along with a Zoom link for you to join virtually.

-If you have not registered yet, we invite you to do so by clicking here- selecting either in-person or Zoom.  Registration will be open until Sunday morning at 10:00 am. However any registration after Saturday at 7:00 pm will be Zoom only.  

We will not be able to accept walk-ins for Sunday's meeting in order to comply with Covid requirements. We are taking steps to include and offer support for questions and comments from all attendees, in-person and via Zoom. We realize Covid has made things even more challenging and we thank you for being gracious with us during this season.  

Thank you for joining us in prayer, as we prepare to come together to seek God's will.  

PALM SUNDAY BAPTISMS- We are doing a Palm Sunday baptism on March 28th! If you, someone you know, or someone in your family is interested in getting baptized, please contact the church office (info@faithchurchdallas.org) or any staff member. To learn more about baptism and why it is important, please read more here!

CONTINUED PRAYER FOR THE OLSONS-This has been a difficult season for each of us as the Faith Church family. Much of the stress has been carried by Pastor Derek and the rest of the Elder Team. Pastor Derek and his family are in a season of respite gifted by the elders here at Faith Church. This respite leave was given to provide Derek and Amy time and opportunity to rest, care for their kids, and seek refreshment from the Lord. Additionally, they have been pursuing care, coaching, and counseling from some great people who understand the unique stresses and difficulties of pastoral ministry.

Would you please join with us in continued prayer for the Olson family? Our hope is that this proactive time away will be fruitful in many ways, allowing them to recover, be replenished and strengthened as they return refreshed to serve Jesus by serving Faith Church.

How can we be praying for the Olson family?
Please pray that the whole family would grow in their relationship with Jesus, that they would have opportunities to love and enjoy one another, and that they would find peace, comfort, and strength in our great God. And be assured Derek and his family, as well as the elders, will be praying for you.

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS & CLOSURES- Our office will be closed to the public until further notice. If you have questions or a need, please contact us via phone, 503-623-8034, or email, info@faithchurchdallas.org.


February 2021:
Budgeted: $47,963.17
Received: $35,116.42
Expenses: $46,985.49

2021 Year-to-Date:
Budgeted: $95,926.34
Received: $76,044.73

Expenses: $88,171.57