Thanksgiving Video: We Need YOUR Help!

Hello, Faith Church family!

We need your help for our upcoming Thanksgiving celebration! We'll put details/instructions below... but here's Pastor Matt to explain how you can help:



#1 - Landscape mode is best (turn your phone sideways for a wide video)

#2 - Relax, be yourselves, smile, and have fun with it. :)

#4 - Introduce yourself or your family and give a brief response to any or all of the following questions: (We love answers from your kids, too!)

  • Record your family saying "Happy Thanksgiving from the _____ family!" or similar greeting. 
  • Tell us about a Thanksgiving Disaster memory (Dropped the pie, flat tire, etc.)
  • What are you thankful for, even in 2020? 
  • If you could choose one person, living or deceased, to have Thanksgiving dinner with, who would it be?  
  • How has God answered prayers for you this year? 

#5 - Submit your video to by Monday, November 23rd:

OPTION #1 - From your laptop/desktop, add your video to this Google Drive:

OPTION #2 - Email your video to


***Please have the video submitted by Monday, November 23rd no later than midnight. We will begin editing on Tuesday to be ready for Thanksgiving Sunday!