Season of Joy!

Let's not be drawn into the thinking that Jesus is an important part of Christmas. Instead, let's reset our hearts and our minds - Jesus IS Christmas, God's plan to rescue, redeem, and restore us is what this season is all about!  God was and is actively pursuing a relationship with me and with you.  That, my friends, is the best news ever!!
This sacred time invites us to slow down from all the holiday preparations and parties, take a deep breath, and remember the reason for the season: the eternal Jesus Christ taking on human flesh.
As we celebrate Advent at Faith these next Sundays leading up to Christmas, we want to invite you and your family to take time daily to focus on Christ's coming.  We've collected a few resources for you to choose from!
Children may enjoy making a paper link chain - reading a scripture a day counting down to Christmas. There are four seperate files, and you can find them here (#1), here (#2), here (#3), and here (#4).
For an advent countdown to be used with the Jesus storybook - Click here for pictures and daily Bible stories here.
Families who want to read daily may enjoy this Advent Reading Plan here.
For adults, we recommend one of these advent reading books by John Piper.  "Good News of Great Joy" here or "The Dawning of Indestructible Joy" here.
Once you choose what works best for you, download and print - or contact our office and we will happily print the resources for you! 
Let's make the most of this month as we slow down from all the holiday preparations and take time to remember the beautiful, hope-filled meaning of this season!