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Heart of Christ - Week #2 Resources

"The Heart of Christ" Teaching Series - Week #2 Resources


FREE BOOK! We are handing out free copies of Dane Ortlund's book, Gentle & Lowly. Pick one up at church on Sunday OR come to the church (any time) and grab a copy from the plastic bin outside the main doors (under the carport).

If you got a copy of the book, we encourage you to read chapter 3-5 this week. And in personal or individual study times, you can reflect on and/or discuss the questions below.


Resources for further encouragement and study:

  • BIBLE READING PLAN: If you use the YouVersion Bible app by Life.Church, you might want to look for the "Gentle & Lowly" 14-day devotional.
  • PODCAST: Search for "Gentle and Lowly" on your favorite podcast app.
  • MORE resources ideas coming soon! 


Reflection / Discussion Questions (adapted from Gentle & Lowly study guide):

  1. Have you deeply considered Christ's "solidarity" with you in your Christian discipleship? What does this mean for your everyday life? (pp. 56-46)
  2. Consider the word "gently" in Hebrews 5:2, speaking of the priests and of Jesus as the perfect priest. Does this word surprise you in any way? What is a difficulty in your life right now that this word calms and heals? (pp. 53-56)
  3. What is the difference between fixing your attention on your sin versus fixing your attention on Christ? (p. 57)