From the Elders Re: Face Coverings

As we all continue to navigate the difficulties of this global pandemic, may we all continue to prayerfully support families who have/are experiencing illness or have lost loved ones due to this serious disease. And let’s continue to support the medical professionals who are working so hard on the front lines.

Faith Church exists to help people become fully-devoted followers of Jesus. Desiring that our church family be able to remain united around fulfilling that mission, we elders have continued to diligently and prayerfully seek God's guidance regarding how to proceed in regard to Covid-related protocols including face coverings.

We understand and want to acknowledge that Christians come to different, Bible-based conclusions about whether or not they should wear a mask and we want people to be able to make a conscientious decision on the issue. Plus, our heart’s desire is that each person who comes to Faith Church would know they are loved and welcome. Therefore, we trust that each member of the Faith Church family will continue to weigh all the various factors, seek counsel from God's Word, listen for guidance from the Holy Spirit, and then make a decision about masking based on how God is leading.

These topics are extremely difficult and complex, with no clear-cut, one-size-fits-all solution. As has already been the case, Faith Church gatherings will most likely continue to have a mix of masked and unmasked friends. Therefore, it is extremely important that we all ask for God's help in demonstrating love for and extending grace to one another, caring for and respecting one another, including those who have come to different conclusions. And as we do, may it all be to the glory of God and for the sake of remaining unified in fulfilling our God-given mission to grow in love for God, love for others and making disciples!

With love in Christ,

Faith Church Leadership Team / Elders