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Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy - Week 4 Resources and Reflection Questions

"Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament" *

*our new teaching series inspired by and adapted from Mark Vroegop's book of the same title.


Resources for Further Study

  • BOOK: Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy by Mark Vroegop - buy on Amazon
  • BOOK: Thinking Right When Things Go Wrong by John Hutchison - Amazon
  • BIBLE READING PLAN: If you use the YouVersion Bible app by Life.Church, you might want to look for the "Learning to Lament" 5-day devotional.
  • PODCAST: The Gospel Coalition podcast episode #77 entitled "Discover the Grace of Lament" is a one-hour talk featuring the author, Mark Vroegop.
  • VIDEO: Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy author speaking at EFCA Theology Conference - "The Psalms & Christian Lament"


Week #4 Reflection Questions (adapted from the book listed above)

  1. What happens to the soul of someone who never moves to this last step of trust?
  2. How do you think complaint and request set the framework for trust?
  3. In your own words, how would you define trust? What are its ingredients? What does it sound like? Look like?
  4. Why is it important to think about trust as "active patience"?
  5. What are some barriers that can stand in your way of turning to trust?
  6. Develop a list of your "go-to" promises, Psalms, or songs. Write them down, and then share them with someone.
  7. Take some time to pray, talking to the Lord about your need to trust Him.


From Week 3:

Nine Examples/Types of Bold Questions We See in the Psalms:

• “Arise, O Lord!” – Psalms 3, 7, 9, 10, 17, 74, 94
• “Grant us help.” – Psalm 60:11-12
• “Remember your covenant” – Psalm 25:6
• “Let justice be done.” – Psalm 83:16-18
• “Don’t remember our sins.” - Palm 51:1, Psalm 79:8-9
• “Restore us!” – Psalm 80:3
• “Don’t be silent. Listen to me!” – Psalm 28:1-2
• “Teach me.” – Psalm 143:10, Psalm 90:12, Psalm 86:11
• “Vindicate me.” – Psalm 35:23-24