Christianity & Culture Speaker Series

Speaker Series 2019.001

Please join us this Sunday, August 4th as we start our speaker series. We will be meeting in the Worship Center from 9am - 10 am.

This summer’s topics include:

August 4th & 11th- Christian Faith, Ethics and Medicine.

Dr. Brick Lantz, Orthopedic Surgeon and President of Slocum Research and Education Foundation, Eugene Oregon.

Dr. Lantz teaches Christian ethics to University of Oregon students under “Medicine and Ministry” a college ministry for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing medicine or other healthcare related fields.

Why are physicians in a unique position to teach and uphold truth and virtue?  Can truth change due to circumstances, or preference?  Dr. Brick as a follower of Christ, and orthopedic surgeon has learned to use Scripture to inform himself how to respond to cultural issues such as abuse, abortion, sex trafficking, gender identity, end of life and more.   He will teach what the Bible says on specific issues and how to think critically using the Bible on ethical issues that we might face in the future. 

Click here to listen to part one

Click here to listen to part two

August 18th- Return of Christ, how it changes my thinking and orientation to this world.

Rick Parker, Pastor, EFCA National and District Board member serving on Ministerial Standing Committees.

How do you live with expectancy and a watchfulness for Christ return while at the same time engaged with this world?  Rick will help cultivate an understanding of Christ return that ought to motivate the believer to godly living, sacrificial service and energetic mission. 

August 25th- Marriage equality, what is it?

Gerry Breshears PhD., Western Seminary Professor of Systematic Theology, Chair of Center for Biblical and Theological Studies.

“Marriage equality” is a widely used term. It sounds like something everyone would support. But this is a “loaded” term to say the least! How cultural issues are framed, and words used, go a long way in shaping public opinion.  We will examine “marriage equality” biblically and how pop culture tries to sway public opinion through use of words.

September 1st- Communicating to those who think differently.

Eric Straw, Ph.D.  Professor of Business, Hoff School of Business, Corban University.  How do I have a meaningful conversation with those who think differently?   People don’t become conversant through classes or by passively listening to a preaching-or even by reading a book.  People become conversant by being immersed in culture.  Eric will call upon his Bible background, experience supervising business students learning abroad, travel providing computer support for various mission agencies and personally enjoying the challenge being plopped down in a foreign country, to draw parallels trying to communicate to those around us.